If you haven't noticed, Japan has carved out a very particular and eccentric corner on the market of shirtless ripped dudes performing various services for women. The boss of that corner is muscle performance group Macho 29 (the 29 is a play on "muscle" or "meat" in Japanese), who have done everything from renting themselves out as man servants, grill meat while flexing for you, and pack your Valentine's Day chocolate with protein. Now they are offering another special service: macho stud-muffins will crush items that give you bad memories with their rippling muscles.


Source: YouTube

The theme of the event is "breaking dark pasts", and members of Macho 29 will attempt to do just that as they will take items submitted (in advance) from the audience, and help them exercise their demons by using their extraordinary physiques to crush, rip, tear, and break anything that reminds you of a bad time in your life. The muscle-men will also be judged and awarded points by an esteemed panel of judges that consists of a crossdressing entertainer, an illustrator, a writer, and a university student model.


Source: YouTube

As long as it is a physical object, you can submit anything you want to be destroyed and help you in the recovery process of getting over whatever dark history you may have! The promotional video features things like wedding rings and gifts from ex-lovers. It seems that this is targeting women as a therapeutic and destructive means of getting over bad breakups.


Source: YouTube

The event will take place at Shibuya Loft in Tokyo on September 17th at 6:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased at Pass Market, selling for 2,000 yen ($19.84) in advance or 2,500 yen ($24.80 USD) the day of. People who wish to have their bad memory items broken can submit them at the official site by September 4th, although they are strictly limited to physical objects.

Here's the promotional video.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.