If you've ever wondered how Captain Falcon builds up the stamina to whip around the racetrack in F-Zero and school fools in the Smash Bros. series while looking good in that tight purple suit, there's a Twitter count that proves the key to his success is a steady nutritional diet. Fans of the hero will be happy to know that for the past year or so, a Captain Falcon Twitter account has been posting daily pictures of the beefy racer's lunch titled "Falcon Lunch"--which is outstanding dedication to the simplest of plays on Falcon Punch.

While the good 'ol Captain doesn't seem to be a very picky eater, he definitely enjoys coupling his dining experience with Yakult--a Japanese probiotic dairy drink made from fermenting skin milk. It's a yogurty drink said to have health benefits, and if the Captain swears by it, that's a pretty strong endorsement. In the meantime, here are some pics of different Falcon Lunches. Keep in mind these are the only thing posted on the account (along with a picture of Nelson Mandela), which is impressive dedication to the gag. As an added bonus, he replies to comments on his feed with "Show me your moves!" and sometimes "Show me your foods!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.