Watching your Pokémon eggs hatch is one of the most exciting parts about Pokémon GO, but oftentimes you find that you walked 2 kilometers just to watch the dramatic arrival of another Pidgey. If you buy a Pokémon egg bath bomb from Rebecca Lynn, however, you might have a much greater chance of catching even some of the rarest monsters.

Preparing a relaxing, Pokémon bath with her purchases, one Imgur user shared what her Pokémon bath bombs had in store for her.

One egg, one Poké Ball

“Got a Squirtle and a Mega Mewtwo Y!”

“Best purchase I've ever made.”

If you want to take a bath surrounded by your favorite monsters too, you can go to Rebecca Lynn’s Etsy store and buy some fun Pokémon bath bombs. But if you’re feeling crafty, you can always try making your own Pokémon egg bath bombs at home!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.