Just 2 weeks ago, these beautiful cute Pokeburgers appeared in Australia. Each contains a familiar look of the “Starter Pokemon,” from the games, the stage when players choose their very first Pokemon (except Squirtle). The Down N’ Out burger restaurant started selling Pokeburgers from August 23rd and will serve them up until September 3rd, at 15 dollars each.

The Bulbasaur burger is topped with a lot of vegetables as itself is a grass type Pokemon. The broccoli on its back is the perfect touch.

The fire type Pokemon Charmender looks more fried and crispy.

The Pikachu burger has a lot of cheese, and pointy ear chips.

The requested orders have been extremely high, which sometimes results in them being sold out even in dinner service. Japanese folks are jealous, and wish they could taste these Pokeburgers in their area.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.