You may be familiar with the kunai (苦無), as used by ninja in popular culture as a dagger or throwing knife. There is actually information that suggests that kunai were derived from trowels, and even in the hands of ninja were used primarily as tools to dig holes and pry. When used as a weapon it is believed they were usually used for slashing and stabbing, like most daggers, and not necessarily thrown. But hey, if you make one yourself then you have the right to use it however you want (so long as you don't hurt anybody!), and that's what Steve from Miller Knives did when he forged his very own kunai from rebar.


Source: YouTube

Steve, from Australia, took up the challenge of forging the ninja weapon from a request on his YouTube challenge. He made a detailed video that streamlines the hard, but impressive process.

Things got hot.


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An ornate handle gives it the classic ninja look.


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And of course he threw it!


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Check out the whole process here, it blows by fast!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.