Whether the Pokemon Go shine has worn off for you or not, the hype behind the globally popular game has brought back a lot of nostalgic excitement for the Pokemon series in general. Whether that translates to getting excited about giant Snorlax pillows or fans rallying against the Pokemon company on social media for making Ash Ketchum a total scrub, Pokemon love has been manifesting itself in a lot of ways in 2016. The next form of that affection? Fans are taking advantage of movie making software to make Pokemon dance to their favorite songs.


Source: YouTube

The original video of Charizard and Dragonite showing off their moves was made using the Miku Miku Dance movie maker by Southern Lights, unfortunately that video is now available in certain countries. Fortunately it has been re-hosted here, with many spinoffs set to different songs now taking a stronghold on YouTube.

Japan, on the other hand, has a strong fascination with the adorable Psyduck(Koduck in Japanese), which is why this video made by motion illustrator @enupi_mmd has become an instant hit. Here you can watch Psyduck bust out moves that @enupi_mmd captured from the popular Idol Master series. The song is "GOIN'!!!" from the same series.

Here is the original Charizard and Dragonite dance, followed by custom parodies.

Gokuraku Jodo by GARNiDELiA

Charizard & Dragonite "Dragon Dance" to YMCA

Charizard & Dragonite "Dragon Dance" to Uptown Funk

Charizard & Dragonite "Dragon Dance" to Never Gonna Give You Up

Charizard & Dragonite "Dragon Dance" to Eminem: Shake That ft. Nate Dogg p

Charizard & Dragonite "Dragon Dance" to Applause

And you can find many more parodies by jumping down the YouTube rabbit hole. Happy hunting!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.