Japanese Twitter user @suu0319 had never guessed that her beloved hamsters were the religious type — at least, not until she found them in their hamster cage, congregating around their holy leader.

Glancing into the cage one day, @suu0319 found one of her furry critters standing tall and mighty, arms stretched out to the heavens, delivering a passionate sermon to its three adorable followers.

The leader of Hamsterism:
“Worship me~!”

The three hamsters looked up to their guru — perched atop a plastic green house — in reverence, reconfirming their faith in all that is sacred to them.

Since the discovery that a holy hamster leader was living under her care, @suu0319 has treated the little creature with much deserved respect, occasionally giving it offerings of food.

An offering for the holy leader:
“It’s not a seed, but please accept this offering.”
“Well, *munch munch* I guess this will have to do.”
“Do you have any more?”

Although the group hasn’t been photographed since, we can bet that this cute group of hamsters still get together regularly to hear their great leader preach.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.