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Trailer For New Hollywood Ring Installment “Rings”

Japanese horror movies are deadly frightening, and tend to be psychological thrilles with seriously build up that give you the shivers well after the movie. Many also are tactically related to real-life surroundings to make you afraid of your basic surroundings. The most known Japanese horror movie, is surely “Ringu,” where the legendary character Sadako crawls out of the well, then the TV screen, then on to you. The American adaption of remake appeared in 2002, even though it did not reach the same expectation level compared to the Japanese original. However, it received enough praise for making people unable to sleep for weeks, and some of them probably turn off their TVs...

Now a Fall reboot/spin-ff of “The Ring” has started. The new movie title is “Rings,” and will be in theaters on October 28th this year. From judging by the trailer, the curse video concept remains the same, which whoever watches it will get swallowed by despair and die in 7 days. Other than that,it seems like the creator thought there wasn’t enough punch to make people loose their mind, so they added further spice, blood, and even Sadako (Samara) hijacking an airplane... Enough before the Halloween? Well, hope it is.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.