We can’t say what really just happened, but a black kitty appeared in front of the cashier, and it looks like the kitty is politely waiting in line for its turn after next customer.

According to Japanese Twitter user @bocchi0329, when he was about to pay for his groceries in front of the cashier, he bumped in to this black kitty who also was seemingly waiting to pay for something... He wasn’t sure whether the kitty has bills to pay or was being told to stand in line for someone, but anyhow, cutting in front of others in line is considered extremely bad manners in Japan, and almost never ever happens, so he waited right in the back behind its tail...

The counter cashier says the black kitty comes to their store from time to time, carefully looking at different groceries while looking like the cat "Jiji" from Ghibli’s movie “ Kiki’s Delivery Service.” The happening was a big hit on Japanese Twitter, with over 69,000 retweets. Tweeters think that there is a possibility Jiji the black kitty is looking for something to deliver, and it's adorably cute.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.