If you've ever instant messaged or texted with a Japanese friend in Japanese, you'll often see a lot of emoticons and emojis (after all emojis are Japanese). It is a way of quickly communicating one another’s feelings, similar to how kanji instantly expresses meaning. And not too long ago, a popular emoji had repeatedly appeared in messages and internet blogs, which is this fella..┌(┌ ^o^)┐ <—, this emoji is called “Homo..(ホモォ)” This mysterious creature has unknown origins, but is rumored to have come from “Fujyoshi,” a web phrase that means women who likes homosexual male comics. An unknown Fujyoshi drew or typed emoji, then rapidly spread all over the blogs and internet. It's shaped as a round body with super skinny long hands and legs, also it crawls and moves like this...

And now, it's become a real live creature that you can adore and play with.

For someone who don't know about the emoji “Homo,” it is common to feel awkward and weird towards the spider-like smiley creature. As people who have been used to typing the Homo emoji character, they couldn’t possibly wait to buy one right now--but ordering it by name is also a little...awkward.

Japan Twitter user and Homo lover @W_AWAWA_3 actually did not buy the Homo from a store, he caught it 2 months ago from UFO catcher, Japan’s most known claw crane arcade game. And when he cheaply sold it on the internet, his Homo toy not only got sold out in seconds, he also received over 50,000 tweets of people jealously wanting it, commenting on it as cute and adorable.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.