Tokyo is one of the top culinary capitals of the world, and if a dish can be imagined, chances are high that it exists in one of the 80,000+ restaurants in the city. Even so, new dishes are created in kitchens every day, and at Nishi-Azabu restaurant Salle de Makin, a luxurious savory parfait dish has arrived for customers with sophisticated palates.


Source: atpress

Made with caviar, foie gras, and truffles, ingredients that are regarded in Japan as the three greatest delicacies of the world, this beautiful cold hors d’oeuvres will be served as part of a daily course that can be ordered at the restaurant. Deliciously complementing the expensive ingredients are grilled corn ice cream, mashed potatoes, camembert cheese, and avocado tartare, all layered artfully into a gorgeous parfait tower.

The parfait will be available until October 1st as part of a 7,800 yen (76.52 USD) course served at the restaurant. Though a bit of a splurge, this new dish isn’t one that can be easily passed up by curious foodies roaming the city.


Source: atpress


Source: atpress

By - grape Japan editorial staff.