Whether you’re the type that is super organized or a wild mess, these cute, fluffy bunnies will help get your house neat and clean in the most adorable way possible.

Arriving to your home as storage boxes, this herd of 4 bunnies are actually bags in which you can store food, accessories, or anything else that fits inside. Tie the loose ends of the bags together, and you’ll have furry friends with big, floppy ears!


Source: Felissimo


Source: Felissimo


Source: Felissimo

The bunnies also come with storage boxes that look like little baskets, in which they’ll snuggle comfortably inside when they’re full. They even have little tails, making them look as charming from behind as from the front.

Bunnies that will be hopping their way to you are the Mini Rabbit, Chinchilla Rabbit, Holland Lop, and the Netherland Dwarf.


Source: Felissimo


Source: Felissimo

Each bunny bag will fit about this much:


Source: Felissimo

These adorable bunny storage boxes are available by YOU+MORE, and can be purchased online. You will get all four bunnies for 2,480 yen (24 USD), with a different one sent to you every week for a month.

These storage boxes are perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted bunnies, or people who want to give their own rabbits some cute companions!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.