Through popular media, you may have been introduced to the concept of Nyotaimori (女体盛り), usually translated as "woman body arrangement", which is the practice of serving and eating sushi or sashimi off of a nude woman's body. While the practice is by no means mainstream or commonly available in Japan, one performance group is trying to revitalize the artistic aspect of it.

Nyotaimori Tokyo is an artist team and service provider that organizes parties and events where Nyotaimori can be experienced at the wish of customers. Rather than simply introduce the practice, Nyotaimori Tokyo claims to take things one step further by focusing on the artistic aspect of the arrangement--using sweets, fruits, and even Chinese food at their events. Now the group is trying to crowd fund an artistic album of their Nyotaimori creations.

While not all details have been released, Nyotaimori Tokyo is gathering funds to release an artwork album book (of 20 shots) via crowd funding site Camp Fire. The goal is two million yen by October 13th, and regardless of whether they hit the goal or not, they are offering special rewards as a return to those who contribute.

While this may be a hard sell for some, the group seems to be pushing the idea of the photo book as an extension of their philosophy that Nyotaimori is not simply an erotic practice, but something that explores the artistic beauty of the human body, as well as the decorative arrangements. Nyotaimori Tokyo says they started out with the intent to produce Nyotaimori as a photographic art, and are challenging the traditional take on it by catering to all ages and nationalities with their events.

It's not limited to women models, either. A male equivalent of the practice also exists.

Male models are also used for Nantaimori (男体盛り).

As for the rewards per donating, they are quite varied. They include smartphone cases, posters, a photo-shoot with a professional hairstylist, and invitations to a "secret" party. The remaining two rewards, presumably redeemable at the secret party, are choosing between arranging Nyotaimori on a model's body, or having the food arrangement performed on your own body. To get a taste of the atmosphere and style of these parties, here are two short videos of events by Nyotaimori Tokyo.

Strict food and sanitation laws in Japan have made Nyotaimori pretty much a fabled practice that exists in fictional media. Judging by the artistic goals of Nyotaimori Tokyo, however, a dining experience doesn't appear to be the main goal.

The group hopes to launch the album by June 2017, as well as hold a special book release party with a gallery exhibition.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.