By now, it's common knowledge that Japan is a primary source of Engrish slogans and menu mishaps. This happens for a number of reasons--lack of native checkers, a general apathy towards getting it perfect in favor of exotic and cool aesthetics, and a reliance on wasei-eigo (Japanese English). One of the easier explanations is that Japanese companies sometimes simply don't feel a need to be conscious about how English slogans are perceived globally. If the slogan utilizes easy to understand English that Japanese people can relate to, even if incorrect, then the actual meaning can be a distant second in priority.

It's a fairly understandable position, but in English speaking countries, this logo only really has one meaning.


Source: FU-HD

The logo is a product of a merger between popular Japanese convenience store FamilyMart and UNY (owner of Circle K Sunkus convenience stores), standing for FamilyMart Uny. While it's perfectly reasonable to file this away under the "English for Japanese people" tab, this is definitely a merger of companies that at the very least have a global profile, so the idea of foreign companies perusing a schedule of business meetings with one standout labeled "FU" is quite amusing. Of course, we imagine that most professionals would write it off as an unfortunate abbreviation, it is another reflection of how some Japanese businesses are not exactly mindful of profanity.

Given that the new merger has a slogan of "Lifestyle, Fun, New", perhaps FUNY would have been a safer, if not sillier choice.

6,250 Circle K Sunkus stores will be rebranded as Family Marts as part of the merger.


Source: FU-HD

By - grape Japan editorial staff.