Just few weeks ago, the supersized Pokemon Snorlax burst into the houses of Pokemon fans in Japan. People had problems fitting it in their tiny Japanese rooms, but still fell in love with it since they know that Snorlax is meant to be a cute road block obstacle. And now, the second rare (at least in Pokemon Go) Pokemon Ditto has arrived to their homes...

They can’t wait to unpack the super extendable Ditto hug pillow, which is crafted by using cotton material 13 times thinner than usual to reach the bubble gum state.

Thankfully the size isn’t as big Snorlax.

There you go, the dead give away face and the simple pink round body.

No matter how much you squish Ditto or how much you hug him too tight, it reforms back to its original form.

However, if you give him too hard a squeeze, it becomes like a pancake, but it’s kinda cute...

Currently the limited elastic Ditto hug pillow has been sold out. We hope they will restock sometime soon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.