You might be familiar with the reputation of Japanese television commercials--eccentric, fast-paced, and a brand of humor that you may or may not get. The fact is, they usually need to rely on hectic pace or memorable but short jingles to stand out among the crowd of commercials that air in quick bursts during Japanese television broadcasts. As a result, a lot of the cuter ones have songs that tend to take up residence in your head for a while. For instance, take this adorably addictive commercial about an egg custard pudding making toy.


Source: YouTube

The Okashi na Tamago Mawashite Mawashite Marugoto Purin (Crazy Egg Turning and Turning All Around Pudding) maker is essentially a custard pudding equivalent of the EZ-Bake oven, which relies on you steaming an egg and putting it through the toy ringer to end up with some delicious custard pudding--recommended with caramel sauce. But forget all that, just listen to this song and hope you can find something to replace it within a span of 24 hours or you may be lost for quite a bit. The video comes with English subtitles, so turn them on if you need them. It probably won't make much sense of the egg dancers, though.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.