Home dessert kits allow us all to easily make cute, delicious sweets on our own with just a few extra ingredients. But if just making mochi at home doesn’t cut it for you and your fervent love for Japanese sweets, you might want to consider purchasing the Kawaii Wagashi No Moto, or the “Ingredients For Cute Japanese Sweets” by Marumiya, too.


Source: Marumiya

By simply adding hot water, you'll have all you need to make adorable nerikiri, traditional Japanese desserts made from white bean paste, sugar, and some food coloring, and molded into beautiful, often elaborate shapes.

There are two kits available: the Rabbit Kit and the Bird Kit. The Rabbit Kit contains ingredients to make a rabbit, a bear, and a flower in milk, strawberry, and chocolate flavors. The Bird Kit will give you everything you need for a bird, a frog, and a flower in sweet potato, strawberry, and matcha milk flavors.


Source: Marumiya

Each kit is just 200 yen (1.90 USD), and if you buy them together, you’ll be able to make an even greater variety of nerikiri. Head over to Marumiya’s website for more information!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.