Farting is unfortunate, but pretty normal thing that everyone does. However, the sudden smell and noise can take the wind right out of the work place. Japan is a country big on public etiquette, so it's a rare thing to have someone blatantly fart in front of you.

For foreigners, adapting to the non-fart society could be difficult. Now a special pad designed by Body&Beauty is doing a great favor for anyone who can't hold or silently release a fart.

It sports a large and bumpy shape that drowns out sound, and a carbon filter to absorb the bad smell. The pad has flexible uses such as in school, at work, or driving with company.

The cushion is even designed to support better posture while sitting, which makes this a very useful cushion in a workplace where you have long hours of computer typing.

The fart muffling cushion sells at 8500 yen, and replaceable 3-pack filters sell at 1800 yen.

A scientific sound wave graphic distinguishes the difference between Fart without Pad, and fart with pad. As you can see, it is clear that the sound is completely being removed during the fart, while you can still see the sound wave moving in silence.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.