You might have seen Japanese cosplayer Saku before, as she was one of the primary girls getting in on the sexy costuming fun of "Cat Day vs. Bunny Day" Twitter antics. Now she's turning heads and causing concern with a playful callback to a Japanese entertainer's comedy routine by sporting a costume that makes her look totally nude from behind.

The truth is in her Twitter texts, she is channeling the one-and-only gag (seriously, this is all he does) of Japanese comedian Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura. Yasumura strikes poses that give him the appearance of being nude, and then reveals that he is actually wearing underwear while comforting the audience with, "Don't worry, I'm wearing (underwear)."

The line has basically become a Japanese internet meme, and is exactly what Saku uses when she reveals that her super revealing cosplay is indeed a costume. With ice cream, of course!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.