When you slip in the bathroom, it hurts! In this video from @kirichan33, Chi-chan the kitty from Japan visited the house bath for the first time, and showed some feline curiosity wire-walking around the edge of the bath. It may look silly for us, but for Chi-chan who is one and a half years old, it’s her biggest so far challenge in life.

Chi-chan did a perfect run passing the first wall, but not the second wall where the edge got a bit narrow. She made the right decision of backing off by analyzing the surface, but after a sudden slip on her back foot, she falls inside the no-man's land of the bathtub and called for help. Tough Chi-chan tried crawling back from the trapped hole, but the floor was too slippery, which caused her a total of 3 tries, then finally after her 4th attempt, she reached the other side of the tub. Good job Chi-chan, you successfully escaped!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.