We had no idea that cats and crows could buddy up so close to each other, until we found out September 6th is Japan’s "Crows Day". The number 96 can be read as "black" in Japanese (kuro), and that's all the origin Japan needs for a holiday.

Besides pigeons, cats and crows are the most seen animals on the street. Even though most people would prefer cats to crows, since they bump into each other on the street all the time, it’s better off to let them not fight each other, and get along as good buddies.

To express the intimate close relationship, the crows stays in cover underneath the cat showing no emotion because it got already used to.

You can find the cat and crows figure from toy capsule vending machines all around Japan, at 200 yen per spin. With 3 choices of fur color: brown, half brown, and black. It may feel awkward in the beginning to have one, however it's just a matter of time before getting used to the love between flying and ground animals.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.