Alan Becker is an animator and Minecraft master with quite a knack for faithfully recreating the many fantastical worlds of Hayao Miyazaki. Though he has worked on specific areas and rooms that appear in many Studio Ghibli films, he has succeeded in recreating the entire world of My Neighbor Totoro, all within the Minecraft game.

In Becker’s world, you’ll see everything from the iconic house of Satsuki and Mei, to minute details like flowers blowing in the breeze. They’re all recreated in the popular video game in astounding accuracy, and Becker’s four-minute cinematic trailer will make you feel as though you’re watching the movie all over again.

Satsuki and Mei’s House


Source: YouTube

Totoro’s Forest


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Totoro at the bus stop


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Becker is currently working on recreating the entire universe of Spirited Away, promising to make it as accurate as spatially possible by creating every building, every room, every hill, and even the inside of rooms that are never actually revealed in the movie. You can see his amazing progress here, and check out his YouTube channel for his other Minecraft projects!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.