Most Japanese people favor baths over showering, as provided they aren't in a rush, it's seen as a great way to relax before bed. Because of this tubs needed to be cleaned thoroughly after use. Recently, a Japanese mom, @ponkichikachan, tasked one of her sons with cleaning the bathtub. While the son obeyed like a good kid, his mother was a little surprised when he would come out soaking wet...

It seems like her son had found a more "hands-free" approach to cleaning, manipulating pressure in the shower head to let it sort of automatically whip around like an animated tendril. Using this approach, all the son had to do was change direction a bit--getting the job done as carefree as possible--but also drenching himself.

To be fair, the snake style technique is a surprise for sure, but not particularly cute or amazingly funny to share, but since the Japanese mom couldn’t figure out the point and thought process of the style, she upload a video to her Twitter to seek from some feedback. Surprisingly, over 49,000 tweets flooded to their account in one night, mostly praising the kid for applying physics while cutting corners.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.