Student internships can be nerve-wracking, especially since you want to leave a good impression and increase your chances of potential future employment. But the path there isn’t always smooth sailing, and unexpected obstacles often arise during the harrowing journey.

So when the student interns at Ferray, a Japanese IT company, gathered around with their laptops to get some work done, Twitter user @v_ume noticed that one of the students was already at the first bump in their road.


During our student internship. Looks like one of them is already starting off with a disadvantage...

Sitting comfortably on the student’s laptop was a furry little cat, looking adorably satisfied at finding an optimal place for itself in the office.

It’s not just a random cat that managed to sneak its way inside, though. Ferray says that there are actually 8 rescued cats that hang out at the office, which means the chances of being charmingly interrupted during work hours are rather high.

But as obstacles go, we wouldn’t mind having ten of these cute felines getting in the way of our work.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.