September 12th is Space Day in Japan, an anniversary commemorating the dual establishment of Japan’s Science and Technology Agency and the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science. And in much-deserved celebration, the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills will be making sure that the special day is given the recognition it deserves.

At The Universe and Art: Princess Kaguya, Leonardo da Vinci, Teamlab art exhibition, visitors can immerse themselves in the 200 items on display that all revolve around the theme of the universe. But the exhibition isn’t the only place they can appreciate the vastness of space — at The Sun, the museum cafe, a new, cosmic-themed menu will be offered to guests starting September 12th.

The new galactic menu consists of 3 dishes representing space:

Black Hole Kakiage Bowl

This fried seafood bowl is packed with shrimp and squid kakiage fries mixed with bamboo charcoal, and is topped with quail egg, gold leaf, and silver sugar. The charcoal, which is also mixed into the rice, makes the entire bowl look like a delicious black abyss. Available from September 12th to Jamuary 9th.


Source: Mori Art Museum

Planet and Temporal Space Parfait

An elegant parfait made with tiramisu and yuzu ice cream that represent the planets, and colorful jelly and sauces that look like the galaxy. Available from September 12th to October 31st.


Source: Mori Art Museum

Planet and Temporal Space Sweets Plate

Available from November 1st to January 9th, this dessert place paints the galaxy with planets made from cassis mousse and pistachio ice cream, meteors made from chocolate chunks, and a shooting star made out of cheesecake.


Source: Mori Art Museum

The art exhibition itself will run until January 9th, 2017, giving hungry space fans plenty of time to head over and get a small bite of the universe.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.