The worlds Studio Ghibli creates are just so charming that people want to live in them. The very little details in movement of animals, people, and even spirits could easily make any viewer, no matter their age, want to dive into the film . Among all of their creations, My Neighbor Totoro is perhaps the most iconic of the impressive Ghibli resume, and coined their detailed animation style with watercolor backgrounds.

A Japanese traditional cup called Big Yunomi from Benelic features a pair of Totoros moving around with umbrellas (well, one is makeshift!) in an almost storyboard like illustration. The small white Totoro stands behind him following his exact motions.The special Ghibli cup sells for 1,800yen, and will be available September 10th in the Big Ghibli chain store Donguri Republic and on their website.

By the way, a different style format previously released has English tags on it to teach you Japanese. You can find it here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.