Radio has been around for centuries, but as far as otaku/Nippon Broadcasting System radio personality Hisanori Yoshida was concerned, there were few that could be regarded as both functional and stylish. So he did what any manga-loving, ambitious radio DJ would do — design one himself.

The result was Hint, the first radio to ever be produced by a radio station, and one that possessed both a polished look and exciting new features.


Hint was born out of a collaborative effort between electronics company Cerevo, Nippon Broadcasting System, and Good Smile Company (famous for their Nendoroid series, featuring characters like Hatsune Miku and Harley Quinn). Putting their heads together, they came up with the sleek, highly functional radio that could potentially redefine radio altogether.


Embedded with a circular speaker that can spread high-quality sound in every direction, listeners will finally be able to bid farewell to frustrating moments of missing an important word or name. It also comes with LED lights and a digital clock, successfully blending function with style.

But, it’s the extra features of Hint that truly separate it from the rest:

Ability to connect to smartphones

For people who don’t regularly listen to the radio, Hint can be hooked up to smartphones via Bluetooth, acting as a stereo.


Send pictures

Hint can receive and transmit pictures taken and sent by radio DJs. After a picture is taken, a series of sounds will be sent through the radio, which will then be converted into a URL in the listeners’ smartphones.


Alter the brightness of listeners’ radios

The LED lights on Hint can sync with commands sent from the radio station, changing the colors and brightness of every Hint radio’s lights.


By adding these new features, Hint will allow radio stations to interact with their listeners in ways they’ve never even imagined before. Not only will they be able to share music, they’ll also be able to create and share the entire atmosphere of their shows, adding visual and interactive elements to the radio.

With the ability to create such an intimate, personal experience between the listeners and radio station, Hint might be the key to attracting new audiences to the wonderful world of radio.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.