Japan has amazing toilets as you might know, and they've surpassed the functionality of non-Japanese toilets by light-years. They electronically clean, play music, and even clean your buttocks. The toilet technology is almost overwhelming! But what about Japanese toilet papers?

Japanese Twitter user @ayukiyo was questioning the meaning behind this nonsensical toilet paper with two labels on top, indicating that one was for cat lovers (left), while the other was for dog lovers (right).

Maybe it's cultural difference, but we can't believe after taking a casual dump, people also have to make a decision about which toilet paper to use.

However, if you look closely, the toilet paper on the right has less toilet paper. This simple, creative case study shows that at this particular location, there are more people who like dogs than cats, and possibly 3 to 4 times more, based on eye estimate.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.