Japan's most popular "school girl" has returned, making her second appearance with some even more realistic features.

Saya may look like one of us, but she isn’t. She is a 3D generated figure, who caused a lot of double takes when she first debuted and gained fans who fell quite smitten with her impossibly human looks.

First appearance

The creators of Saya are a teamed-up married couple. Yuka Ishikawa, who works as a freelance CG Artist and her husband Teruyuki Ishikawa. Although Saya is not a commissioned project, and more of a labor of love they came up with for fun, she's become an internet hit in Japan.

Although many fans are treating the realistic model like an actual human being, Yuka still has some struggles in developing Saya, and admits to working on improvements from feedback, according to her Tweets. After a year went by, those improvements have materialized and made Saya even more eerily realistic. She even seems to have grown up some. She dyes her hair in dark brown, wearing pink lipstick and has added some makeup and human color to her face, a crossroad near of neither being as a child nor a grownup.

Saya is slated to actually make an actual appearance at a gallery event, and there's even a chance that she may be wearing armor when she does.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.