Super Mario Maker lets players create and share their own courses with other gamers, and one way to enjoy this liberty is to make insanely difficult courses that would take a miracle for even the best players to complete. But no course is impossible to conquer, and Japanese Twitter user @_0213hayate was one gamer who was finally able relish in the sweet juices of Super Mario success.

After who knows how many attempts, @_0213hayate completed the most difficult wall kick course currently existing in the game. And though he wasn't the first, he proudly became the 9th person in the world to finish the arduous course of dizzying proportions.

He shared his successful attempt on Twitter, which has since been retweeted over 44,000 times. The impressive video will surely inspire other gamers to try this wall kick course out for themselves, and possibly give birth to more tenacious contenders.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.