From spellbook bags to panty hats, Japanese retail shop Village/Vanguard never fails to astonish us with their unique and often quirky products. This time, they've come together with SpoonGLOWEAR for a different kind of hoodie that will put a new groove into your favorite music.


Source: YouTube

The perfect item to wear at clubs, raves, and music festivals, these ingenious hoodies light up to the rhythm of the music playing around you. It's not revealed exactly how they achieve this, but their promotional video reveals that sensors pick up the beat of the music, translating them into movements of light that are shone around the hood and around the zipper of the hoodie.

There are three modes of light patterns you can choose from depending on your mood. There's the music mode which makes the hoodie light up to the rhythm of music, but also modes where you can set it up so that's it's always lit up or blinking.


Source: YouTube

All made in stylish, slim designs, the hoodies come in a variety of color pairings: Black/Green, Black/Pink, Black/Blue, Gray/Green, and White/Blue. And unlike many hoodies that light up, these are all washable, as long as you remove the batteries first.

They're great for parties, but they're also ideal for night joggers who want to mark their presence for both safety and pizazz. Each hoodie is 5,980 yen (58.90 USD), and can be purchased on the Village/Vanguard online store!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.