You may recall reading about the release of a Darth Vader themed toothpick dispenser called the Darth Vader ToothSaber several months ago, released by Bandai. For Star Wars fans, there is probably no better quirky dinner table trinket to have on hand than a miniature Darth Vader that dispenses toothpicks as a lightsaber. Especially if it is supposed to work like this!


Source: YouTube

Japanese Twitter user @chikao_1000, however, posted a video showing off the badass toothpick dispenser in use, along with the text, "The Darth Vader toothpick dispenser didn't even give me one toothpick."

Now, of course this is a bit like a fast food commercial vs. reality type situation, and there are probably some kinks hear to work out--the dispenser probably works best when loaded with a certain amount of toothpicks, neatly, and has its back-switch flipped at a certain speed. However, there is a beautiful sort of comedy in watching Darth Vader force-throw toothpicks across the room with absolutely no grace whatsoever. If you want to check out the promotional video where Lord Vader cleanly dispenses the toothpicks, check it out below. The actual item is also available at Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.