Kokeshi are wooden Japanese dolls that are highly regarded around the world as cute and traditional works of art. They’ve captured the hearts of artists and art-lovers everywhere with their endearing round proportions and simple faces, and are now created by craftsmen in various shapes and sizes.

Unsurprisingly, these traditional dolls have come to represent part of kawaii Japanese culture, and an upcoming art exhibition will offer guests the opportunity to appreciate them from that perspective. From October 1st to November 27th, 2016, the Yokohama Doll Museum will be holding a Kawaii Kokeshi Exhibition featuring over 200 dolls highlighting the cute aspects of kokeshi.


Source: PR Times


Source: PR Times

Many of the kokeshi on display are made by popular kokeshi craftsmen in Japan, and all will reveal a snippet of history and craftsmanship that the dolls inherently possess. Also as one of the main features of the exhibition, the Giant Kokeshi Paper Mache doll will be on display at the museum, an installation that is usually displayed every year at the National Kokeshi Festival.


Source: PR Times

In addition to visiting the gift shop packed with kokeshi goods, guests will also get the chance to make their own kokeshi dolls at the workshop area of the museum. For all this, you only have to pay 200 yen (1.95 USD) for general admission. If the artist in you is itching for some kawaii traditional crafts, the Kawaii Kokeshi Exhibition might be the perfect destination for this fall season.

Yokohama Doll Museum

Location: 18 Yamashitachō Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

By - grape Japan editorial staff.