The Halloween celebration has already started in Japan, and with a quick stroll around the neighborhood you’ll be greeted with spooky goods displayed at stores every which way. And while you might simply choose to walk past the majority of smiling ghosts and flying witches, if you see a Baskin Robbins nearby, you might want to think twice before walking away.

From September 26th to October 31st, Baskin Robbins in Japan will be offering a sugar rush of Halloween ice cream vampires, ghosts, and other scary monsters. They’re calling it the Crazyyy Halloween Campaign, and the delicious frozen treats include glow-in-the-dark ice cream.

Neon Monster

The Neon Monster is a mix of soda, grape, and melon sorbet. It’s made to glow neon under blacklight, so you’ll want to eat your scoop somewhere dark and scary. Other new flavors include Vampire Kiss (chocolate and blood orange), Ooh La La! Pumpkin, and Trick Or Ice Cream (peanut ice cream, caramel ribbons, and bitter cocoa cookies and chocolate bits).

Halloween Happy Doll

If you want more sugar and less spook, you can get a scoop of ice cream decorated as one of these adorable monsters.

I Scream Sundae

For something with a little spice, you can try the I Scream Sundae drizzled with habanero chocolate sauce, or a sweet and tart Blood Berry sundae with red mixed berry sauce.

Crazyyy Party Sundae

For bigger groups eating in at Baskin Robbins, the Crazyyy Party Sundae is a generous serving of 10 scoops of ice cream and lots of whipped cream on top.

Halloween Shake

But if you’re having a hard time deciding what you want, you can mix and match two flavors for a unique concoction of a nice cold Halloween shake.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

You can also get the Monster Sand Set for when you’re on the go. They’ll sandwich the ice cream of your choice between delicious cookies!

With Halloween ice cream, doughnuts, and who knows what more, we can bet we’ll all be gaining a few pounds this fall.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.