The Showa era's most popular candy brand, the Morinaga Morinaga caramel, is a traditional brand and time-tested favorite that is still popular today in Japan as a nostalgic candy. It is often described as authentically juicy and rich, basically caramel without any other fuss. The design cover hasn't changed much even after so many years have passed, leaving the classic dark yellow and clean white label as usual.

Starting this week, Morinaga’s milk caramel will be mixed into McDonald’s McShake, adding that unforgettable creamy and candy like nostalgic sweetness. Japan McDoanlds has put out many interesting flavors, such as Matcha Latte and the chocolate banana flavor smoothie, but collaborating with Morinaga candy is a pleasant surprise. The Morinaga milk cameral McShake will begin selling on September 21st for a limited period of time.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.