Ayano Tominaga is an IT journalist and internet personality in Tokyo, so when it comes to getting her hands on the latest tech, she means serious business. Just recently, she stayed overnight--two nights in fact--at the Omotesando branch of the Apple Store to secure an iPhone 7. She didn't do it alone, however, as she made sure to camp with her now famous Steve Jobs body pillow.

You might be familiar with Japanese body pillows as fluffy and cuddle-able companions, sometimes the physical embodiment of a more...dedicated fan's waifu, that also sometimes venture into the creepy category. Legendary innovator and Apple icon Steve Jobs, however, is not exactly the mascot for bodypillows in Japan, speaking to Tominaga's fandom.

Of course, Tominaga got her phone, and we can only imagine that Steve Jobs is looking down from somewhere proud--although a bit surprised to see himself on a body pillow.

Tominaga has actually done this before for a previous iPhone launch, so you can be sure that when the media sees this genki IT Journalist outside an Apple Store, they are looking for the pillow.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.