One source of frustration for Japanese workers has been the imbalance of long work hours to make money and personal time to lead a healthy life. So it should come as no surprise that many young Japanese people are turning to pursue their dreams and passions as a way of avoiding the salaryman grind. The 22-year-old cosplayer Enako is one of the most successful examples of that.

The earnings she makes off of cosplay appearances could take years for Japanese salarymen to grind out, and possibly half of them won’t even make it in a lifetime, not to mention her advantages in private time, and less work stress.

She was invited by the Nakai No Mado television show, and was asked to talk about the amount of money she makes from her appearances. Her basic monthly earnings total about one million yen ($9,000 USD), and can make 30k to 40k yen ($2,900-3,900 USD) per individual stage appearances, depending on venue. .

It's not all calculated from appearances, however. Much like a professional athlete or actor she has sponsors, and as a cosplayer she is basically her own merchandise line for photo-albums and posters to sell. She elaborated that she faces her own personal stress, as she feels that in order to earn as much as she does she needs to extensively research characters that she cosplays as and act totally in character when she makes public appearances. .

By - grape Japan editorial staff.