Japan is home to some particularly eccentric slides, ones that boast record lengths and scenic views. Most of these slides, however, are theme-parkesque attractions, and not your commonly found playground slide. Imabari's city's Asakura in Ehime prefecture is no theme park, however, and in a modest park's playground it boasts this sixty meter long crazy slide that is definitely not for novices. Aside from its length, you better have some breaking skills or otherwise you'll take a tumble like Japanese Twitter user @yuukun3379 shows in this video.

While we aren't too familiar with the park in question, it appears to be the Midori no Furusato park, where we can assume that this slide has a warning sign or two and probably not allowed to be used by small children. Here's a look at another attempt to slow down with an Olympian landing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.