Apparently not all parks are happy about having Pokemon trainers around. Ueno Park's Shonobazu Pond, a body of water with about a 2 kilometer circumference near Kaieji Temple is now a no-go for Pokemon Go. The scenic area is known to be a great spot for picnics and dates, as well as pleasant spot to stroll around before visiting the temple.

But it also houses this little guy, Dratini

And the evolved version as well.

Trainers have started to block the paths and view of the park's noted scenery

Because the area houses a revered temple, park staff have urged visitors to not be disruptive when coming to the park to play the game. Many other such parks in Japan have recently encountered problems with Pokemon Go players such as leftover trash,loud commotions, and taking up residence in areas for long periods of time, which disturb visitors who have come for other purposes.

Pokemon Go players,

Even after more presence of park authorities, disruptive behavior has not decreased. Because of this, use of Pokemon Go and other such apps is prohibited starting on the 18th of this month.

So far only the temple mid-area is prohibiting playing of the game, while outside the circle is still safe to play. However, loosing the center crossroad means loosing the catch efficiency for some players. Pokemon trainers must walk triple the previous distance in order to catch' em all, but perhaps this is a smart move to curb the disturbance of temple visitors. Well, who knows how the rules will last if a rare Dragonite drops off in the middle.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.