We've seen many awesome Japanese miniatures before, particularly of the mouth-watering video variety, but Japanese crafts-artist and Twitter user @38beem has stepped up the game with a fully functioning miniature brick pizza oven made for roughly 100 yen!

This tiny traditional brick oven has humble beginnings, as it was constructed from miniature gardening bricks sold at Japanese 100 yen shop Seria.

@38beem's Twitter account details construction of the pizza oven, which is estimated to be 1/12 the scale of a properly sized one.

An oven like this, however, can't cook a pizza without a little firewood. Luckily @38beem was able to acquire perfectly sized logs for this miniature masterpiece in the form of broken up tree branches!

Then it was time to get cooking with some home-made pizza, using gyoza wrapping as dough!

Watch em cook!

That's one delicious-looking miniature pizza!

Signs of a well-cooked meal.

It looks like the next project will be some miniature nabe! (traditional Japanese hot pot) Be sure and follow @38beem for more!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.