Whether it's to star in a canned coffee commercial as a mysterious alien like Tommy Lee Jones, or to promote a new film, Hollywood stars often travel to Japan. When that happens, rather than get star struck, many Japanese fans are more surprised by how unreserved foreign celebrities can be. One case of that popped up recently as Tom Hanks visited Tokyo to promote Sully, and decided to Tweet out this selfie of him and some Japanese friends enjoying a local soba restaurant.

Obviously the celebrated actor was taking some time off from promotional work to enjoy some local flavor with his colleagues, but many Japanese people on social media commented that at first they had a hard time recognizing Hanks, claiming he blended in perfectly with the table of cheerful locals, and fit in particularly with the middle-aged men who frequent drinking establishments in Japan. Many were happy to see that he picked local favorite Kanda Matsuya, a soba restaurant, as a place to celebrate his 20th visit to Japan and seemed to be having a great time.

Some of what Hanks was enjoying, along with a nice bottle of Asahi.

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Of course, people took pictures of their own, commenting that they couldn't believe Tom Hanks was sitting across from them.

Given how charming the establishment looks from outside, we can see why Hanks walked in!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.