Trying to put together an outfit for the day can already trigger a massive headache, but Japanese Twitter user @meiji46’s father is taking this morning routine one step further. Not wanting to be seen in the same outfit twice, the fashion-sensitive dad sketches his outfit every day, recording each garment he wore with an astounding artistic flair.

My dad logs his outfit every day to make sure his coworkers never see him in the same outfit twice.

The beautiful sketches are complete with color, date, occasion, as well as other comments including the day’s weather, and where @meiji46’s dad bought certain pieces of clothing. Extremely detail oriented, he never fails to record which glasses he wore, which bag he used, or what accessories he decided to match with the rest of his look.


Source: @meiji46

Putting a little bit of time into this routine every day allows @meiji46’s father to prevent himself from ending up in the same outfit when meeting people at work he only sees once a week. It not only makes him one heck of a fashionable dad, it also shows how much effort and thought he puts into his professional image.

Clearly he’s no stranger to drawing some incredible pictures, and it appears as though his job involves a lot of drawing. @meiji46 has also shared his other, non-fashion related artwork on Twitter.

The original post has gotten well over 18,000 retweets, and we can imagine thousands of dads secretly hoping he will one day release an illustrated lookbook for some chic fashion inspiration.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.