The great art of cosplay lets fans dress up as their favorite fictional characters, most of the time at relatively low cost. But what if we couldn't recreate characters' clothes with materials close at hand, and had to actually go out and buy them instead?

Sunglass Warehouse decided to take this question into their own hands, finding out how much it would cost in real life to wear the same attire as some of the most popular video game characters. Compiling an infographic including characters like Mario, Link, Sonic, and Red from Pokémon, it shows just how much money would go into getting their exact same look.

According to the infographic, the most expensive would be wearing the same garb as the Master Chief from Halo, which costs a whopping total of $100,006,730. But for those of us on a lower budget, it's cheapest to dress up as Donkey Kong, where all we'll need is a red necktie and a bushel of bananas. See the entire infographic below!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.