Pop music, Japanese or not, has a tendency to shift its spotlight from star to star for one hit wonders. Famous J-pop music singer Utada Hikaru burst onto the Japanese music scene in 1999 and 2003 with her first two albums. Even now, her music still sounds fresh, and although familiar, seems not to have aged. Established in Japan, she became known outside of Japan for her two Kingdom Hearts theme songs, Simple and Clean (Hikari), and Sanctuary.

In 2010, she announced a hiatus to smooth out her personal life, which was followed by the death of her mother, as well as marriage and birth of her child. Even with all that, she still found time to put effort into a new full-length album which will be released on the 28th. While it hasn't been released yet, you can hear snippets of the whole album over at Aramaa.

She teased a new song in a commercial series for bottled water, titled “Michi,” means “Road”, and also performed it on NHK "Songs."

She also collaborated with prolific Japanese musician and vocalist Shiina Ringo on the album, and released a video for it as well.

Somemay be afraid that she has some ring rust with her vocal talents, but she sounds as good as ever. Perhaps the time off and all she has been tested with has actually strengthened her voice. Her new tracks are available to listen on her website and ITunes, and short versions on Youtube. You can also look up on her Twitter and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.