Japanese Twitter user @tatanorz’s cat Homare-chan can’t get enough of the fishy deliciousness of mackerel pike, and found herself in quite the predicament during dinnertime. With her human sitting right across the table, ready to devour the fish, the hungry kitty couldn’t help but try to steal a bite of her own. The only problem was, she also knew she would get into some serious trouble if she did.

Gazing adoringly at the plate of mackerel pike in front of her, Homare-chan modestly tries to reach for the food, hoping her human would either not notice or let it slide just this once.

But of course, her human expected better of her, and immediately scolds the emotionally torn cat for trying to snatch the food. Shrinking back instantly and letting out an apologetic meow, Homare-chan can do nothing but sit down and think about what she has done.

In the end, @tatanorz says the charming cat got her share of fish. And while we’re happy for Homare-chan, we can’t help but admit that we couldn’t get enough of her sad little face.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.