Fashion-forward Sailor Moon fans can now gorgeously put their jewelry on display with the Stallion Rave Accessory Case from Bandai. A nostalgic item used by Sailor Chibi Moon to communicate with Pegasus (Helios), devoted fans might remember Stallion Rave from Sailor Moon SuperS, which originally aired in Japan from 1995-1996.


Source: atpress

This beautiful accessory case stands around 8 inches tall, with a ring pillow that holds 3 rings, as well as a lower compartment that can store necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Light blue and gold in color, and adorned with red and blue stones, it will make an elegant addition to any Sailor Scout’s room. True to its form in the anime, the case is also decorated with the winged orb, more sparkly stones, and the iconic crescent moon mark.


Source: atpress

The Stallion Rave Accessory Case can be purchased through the Bandai online shop for 22,680 yen (225 USD). Orders can be reserved starting September 27th, and items are scheduled to be delivered in January 2017. Though on the pricey side, it does go to show that being a Sailor Scout is no cheap business.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.