Source: Unihabitat

Mewgaroo Cat Hoodie Is Now Available For Fat Cats!

It’s not surprising to see that so many cat lovers have made it their life mission to attain the love of as many felines as they can get, and that they’ll come up with astonishingly creative ways to do so. The cat hoodies by Unihabitat was one of them, and gave both cat lovers and their cats the perfect opportunity to do some furry bonding through the ingenious “Mewgaroo pouch.”



But to the dismay of numerous pet owners, the original cat hoodie was too small to accommodate their extra large felines. However, Unihabitat has now got them covered too, with the new Large Pocket Mewgaroo Hoodie, which will comfortably fit any fat cat.





The main feature of the Mewgaroo hoodies was the large pocket, perfect for letting cats sleep and cuddle in. Previous hoodies boasted a pouch big enough to fit three, 2-liter bottles, but the large pocket hoodie can fit twice as much, and even has an added shoulder strap to cater to the extra weight.

Of course, the inside white pocket is removable and washable, so the precious felines can curl up in a nice clean pouch. The hoodies also come attached with white pompoms that double as cat toys.





The Large Pocket Mewgaroo Hoodie comes in gray and navy, and each is adorably designed with cat ears and cat paws. You can get one online for your own cats at home at 8,000 yen (79.55 USD) each. The hoodies will fit big cats that weigh 7kg+ (15lbs+), so you can rest assured that you won’t have to leave any of your kitties out on the fun.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.