In commemoration of the famous manga series, Death Note has been revived in Japan in the form of a 2,400 page and 8 centimeters thick book. We all know the Death Note Notebook can be used to kill people just by writing their names, but this book could quite possibly be used as an actual weapon...

This complete collection combines all the original 12 series into a single book, and also includes the unpublished "L change the WorLd." It is bound in the familiar gothic art style cover.

Compared to a stack of the individual comics, this version is more condensed and half the size.

The single-book version may make everything look simplified, but it might be hard to flip through the pages and carry around. But, it might be safer not to carry a Death Note around in public anyway. You can get the complete Death Note collection at 2,500 yen from October 4th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.