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Pocky Gets An Adult Makeover With Amber Whisky Flavor

The crunchy sweet appeal of Pocky exploded outside of Japan many years ago, thanks to its simple taste and hard to put down shape. The Pocky brand, made by Glico, has been serving their snacks since 1966, with various flavors over that long chocolate lifespan, and now they add a new "adult" flavor to their lineup with, the “Otona-no-Kohaku,” or "Adult's Amber", said to be a variation of the classic treat that pairs well with your favorite glass of boozy brown stuff.

The Adult's Amber flavor likely has a richer and more bitter taste than previous darker Pocky flavors, and that's because it comes with the added punch of whisky! While whisky chocolates are nothing new, Pocky takes a different route to blending the flavors by infusing the actual pretzel stick with malt extract. Chocolate, malt, and a little bit of salt should make for the perfect partner to your whisky, no matter how you take it.

Here are the five featured whisky that you can get a 700ml bottle as a bonus on Amazon of to pair with your adult Pocky.

Maker's Mark Whisky / Kentucky, U.S

Suntory Whisky / Osaka

Jim Beam Whisky / Kentucky, U.S

The Hakushu Whisky / Foothills of Mount Kaikomagatake in Yamanashi Prefecture

This Chita Whisky / Aichi Prefecture

The Adult Amber Whiskey starts selling from October 25th at 998 yen for six packs inside a fancy whisky bottle-esque container, only available within Japan through Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.