It’s common to see video footage of the myriad matsuri (Japanese festivals) held throughout the country. But equally important as their visual aspects — the streets packed with visitors, their colorful festival clothing, or the heavenly gold mikoshi — are the sounds you are greeted with even before you step into the realm of the traditional festivals.

Courtesy of Is Japan Cool?, a promotional media run by ANA, we can now deepen our appreciation for traditional Japanese matsuri through sound. Working with the world-renowned Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble, they are giving viewers a chance to experience this unique part of Japanese culture in their new video Is Japan Cool? Matsuri with KODO.


Source: Vimeo

The video introduces an original song by Kodo created under the theme of Japanese matsuri. The powerful performance embodies “bodily sensation and presence,” and makes the audience feel as though viewers are right there in the midst of the performance. By closing your eyes and listening, you'll instantly be transported through various festivals held in all regions of Japan, both familiar and new.

What makes the project even more unique is the fact that it is offered in 3D sound. The effects will give off the impression of a dramatic, live performance, and it is best enjoyed with your headphones on and the volume up.

You can also take a look at Is Japan Cool?’s Matsuri Guide, which utilizes a 360 degree camera to give you a deeper look into six different matsuri in Japan, including Asakusa’s Sanja Matsuri and Wakayama’s Nachi No Ogi Matsuri.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.